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Name: Ursula (Chanel’s sister)
Gender: Female

Age: 7.5 months old (19.12.2021)

Height: aprox 65cm (floor till top of the head)

Approximate weight: 22 kg (will grow probably to 25-30 kg max)

Estimated size: Medium to large

History of how the dog/pup was rescued: Ursula was found in an abandoned train station (occupied by gypsies) with her 5 siblings, in the countryside. 

Temperament: Shy around people, only comes for contact if she knows you. Likes to lick your hand, takes treats very gently, never barks outside. Not interested in interacting with other dogs outside, shy also around them. 

Energy level: Medium. Sits in front of the TV all day. We take her out 4-5 times a day, house trained. 

Do they have food aggression towards people or other doggies: No

Can they be cat tested: Has seen cats outside, no reaction.

Do they live in a home or outdoor kennel: She lived in foster for 2 weeks when found, then 3 months in the shelter, and for the past 2 months she has been back with us at home.

Have they been tried on the lead before: Good on the lead and harness. Not fond of narrow places for some reason. If we go through a doorway or between 2 cars she will stop and take a second, build her courage and then walk on. Important mention: Totally different if walking with another dog, no matter what dog. Too scared to walk alone, always need to walk next to another dog. 

Are they better suited to a home with other dogs or as the only dog: Needs a home with at least one more dog. She always mimics the other dogs, when it’s okay to eat, walk or play.

Any known medical/health/dietary issues: No

Rescuer BM