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A Night I Will Never Forget

27th September 2019

I spent the night in a one metre cage inside the public shelter, with 500 dogs.

“It’s so noisy in the public shelter. The puppies won’t stop crying. I keep hearing noises and I have no idea how any dog can sleep in this. Please sponsor me. I have to stop pups being born and ending up like this, screaming and crying in fear.” I cried in the middle of the night in a video post.…/Paws2RescueAlisonsChallenge

It wasn’t the fear of the dark, the rats or the bugs, it was the puppies screaming, and it will haunt me forever.

I wanted to raise awareness to the importance of neutering – so that puppies are not born only to end up here. All donations received will go to Georgiana Neagu to carry out a neuter campaign in the area she lives – because at the moment, thousands of puppies are being born unwanted.