Before you adopt

Dogs rescued from Romania will have had sad lives and need a loving home where they can feel safe and will be properly cared for, often for the very first time. So it is important that each animal is adopted into a home that is suitable for its needs. They need patience, time and loving care.

There are lots of things to consider. Do you have the time for a dog? Unless you adopt an older dog, your dog will need plenty of exercise and time to play.

Are you willing, and have the time, to go out in all weathers to exercise him and to take time to play?

Do you have children or other dogs/cats? Some rescue dogs are socialised and also house trained. Others are not.

Is your garden secure? Is your garden the right size for your dog, and is it secure with good fences? Rescue dogs tend to see a wall or fence as something to jump, so you need to have fences over 6 feet high.

Can you afford a dog? Getting a dog isn’t just buying a lead, a bed and some dog food. Please remember that there will be vet’s bills from time to time.

The adoption process

Step 1. Fill out our adoption application form.
Once we’ve reviewed your application, we’ll be in touch to talk to you about the dog and discuss whether the dog would suit your lifestyle and family. Please note that it is possible that we keep the dog in an assessment family home for one week or longer when it arrives in the UK. We would not do this for puppies.

Step 2. We conduct a home check.
This is done to ensure we are happy that you are able to look after the dog properly and that your house and garden are secure. The home checker asks you a few questions, gives you advice and answers any questions you may have.

After a satisfactory home check, we give you some time to make sure you are 100% sure on the dog you have chosen to adopt. We then take a deposit and book the place on the third party transport. Usually this will be around a month, as the dog or puppy will need to go through its vaccination and Passport programme.

Step 3. Your dog arrives in the UK.
We keep in touch with you during these weeks and, at least a week prior to arrival in the UK, we make arrangements for pick ups. If you have transport issues within the UK, we can usually assist with these via our transport network (you may have to contribute petrol costs).

Once you have adopted the dog, we keep in contact with you and are there to support you. We would like to have updates and photos too. They are not just dogs to us; we love them all!

How much does it cost?

To adopt a dog or puppy from us costs £375. To adopt a senior or disabled dog from us costs £275.The actual cost to us is often more than this, as we take all dogs and pups straight to the vet for check de flea and de worm when we find them and if the dog is sick we have to pay for this too.

DHPPI- L £17
Microchip £15
RECS & health book £10
Passport £6
Spot On (de-flea) (medium weight) £15
Blood smear (tick fever, heartworm microfilariae, all dogs 12 months old and above) £25
Miblemax £10
Two months foster £70
Food £25
EU Traces £12
Transport from Romania to UK £200
UK 48 hour kennel £35
Vet check £12

This is already over £460, so we are subsidising costs already.

Other costs:
Our rescuers incur food costs, medical bills for sick pups, additional puppy vaccines, cleaning fluids, second de-wormer, snap tests (including distemper), straw for bedding.

Larger costs include shelter rent and wages, electric and water.

Wages of our rescuers’ regular jobs range between EU0 and EU400 a month. At these levels, there is no way they can care for so many dogs and puppies without our continued support.

The adoption fee does not include the cost of neutering, but we will neuter dogs over the age of 1 year old. There are some older dogs which cannot be neutered due to age.

Ready to adopt?

If you’re interested in providing a forever home to a dog in need, then please contact us. It’s an amazing experience!