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Complaints Policy and Procedure

Paws2Rescue views every complaint seriously and is committed to handling them professionally and reasonably. Paws2Rescue also values complaints as a potential to learn and grow for the future in all aspects.

We aim to

  • Provide a clear and easy to follow procedure for both anyone wishing to make a complaint as everyone at Paws2Rescue.
  • To make this policy clear and public so anyone can find the knowledge to formally make a complaint if the need arises.
  • To make sure all staff and volunteers at Paws2Rescue knows how to deal with receiving a complaint.
  • To make our best efforts to resolve a complaint swiftly and fairly as well as repair any damage between the two parties.
  • To learn from complaints to allow for a better working practice in all areas of the charity.

What is a Complaint?

A typical definition of a complaint and what Paws2Rescue defines a complaint is;

“An expression dissatisfaction with our service which calls for a response”.

We value each and every complaint registered, with a purpose of dealing with each one fairly and respectfully.

Who can make a complaint?

Any individual outside of Paws2Rescue who comes into a dis-satisfactory part of our service is eligible to make a complaint. Volunteers and staff within Paws2Rescue should follow an internal process and raise it with their manager or senior team member.

How someone can make a complaint?

Complaints may be received verbally, telephone, email or written.

You can use the following methods to make a complaint.

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 07503 373478
By Post: Paws2Rescue, 71-75 Shelton Street, London WC2H 9JQ


All complaints will be dealt with on a need to know basis ad handled sensitively and respectfully. Paws2Rescue will follow our privacy and data protection policy where required. If a complaint is received by our volunteers or staff, it will be passed onto a senior member of the team for procedure to follow.

If you make a complaint to a member of Paws2Rescue in order to follow up a way of contacting yourself may be required at the discretion of who makes the complaint.

Complaints will be recorded and reviewed in order to produce a better service.


This policy and its procedure will be reviewed frequently and updated when necessary.

Complaints Procedure

This policy outlines the importance we take each and every complaint registered. It is important for us to distinguish between a formal complaint and any informal concerns or criticisms at the earliest stage possible. However taking these concerns and criticisms seriously can reduce the need for a formal complaint. In many cases a concern is best dealt with by the people it directly concerns resulting in a swift resolution.

If a formal complaint is established, the volunteer who receives should notify a senior management member of the complaint, where it will be registered and recorded.

If a complaint is received by telephone or in person the member of Paws2Rescue should:

  • Write down the facts of the complaint
  • Take the complainant’s name address and telephone number
  • Note down the relationship of the complainant to Paws2Rescue
  • Inform the complainant that we have a complaints procedure
  • Inform the complainant what will happen next and how long it will take
  • Where appropriate, ask the complainant to send a written account by post or by email so that the complaint is recorded in the complainant’s own words

If a complaint is received about a specific person at Paws2Rescue, then they should be informed of the complaint made. A copy of this policy will be attached when appropriate to the complainants.

Handling and resolving the complaint.

Once a complaint is received and established Paws2Rescue will seek to make acknowledgement of complaint via the preferred contact method of whom is making it within a reasonable timeframe.

The resolution and findings of the complaint should be communicated definitively within the reasonable stated time frame.

Involving the Board of Trustees

If a complaint cannot be resolved through the initial investigation, or the complainant feels the response is unsatisfactory, the complaint can be passed on to the board of trustees for review and investigation. If the complaint relates to a specific person they should be informed of the involvement and be given a further opportunity to respond.

External Complaint

If you are unsatisfied with the way Paws2Rescue handles your complaint or you suspect illegal activity and wish to make an external complaint, it is advised using the Charity Commission to register your complaint. You can also dial 101.

Information regarding these kinds of complaints can be found online at:

Variation of the Complaints Procedure

The Trustees may vary the procedure for a good reason. This may be necessary to avoid a conflict of interest, for example a complaint about a Chair or Trustee should not also have the Chair and/ or Trustee involved as a person leading an investigation.

The Board may vary the procedure for good reason. This may be necessary to avoid a conflict of interest, for example, a complaint about a Chair or trustee should not also have the Chair and/or trustee involved as a person leading an investigation.