Please use our contact form when possible. If calling, please only do so between the hours of 9 AM and 8 PM unless it is an emergency as we are all volunteers with families. We do not have an office or other premises, all the money goes on the dogs.

Our team and contacts

Alison Standbridge – Head of Management, Policy, Research and Development Projects

Yvonne Vehlow – Head of Community and UK transport, Strategic management

Anastasia Joshi – Head of Operations, Manager of Romania to UK transport run

Kerry Heselton – Head of Adoptions and Head of Social Media

Sarah-Jane Jackman – Head of Design

Linda Kensett – Head of Volunteers

Emily Parrott – Head of UK Fosters

Karen Keeley – Head of Dog Sponsorship

Lenka Lukacova – Head of Fundraising

Laura Burrows – Head of Campaigns – and magazine and social media

Iona, Rachel, Kelly, Ruby, Phaedra – team members


Keaton and Louisa – student programme

Sarah, Brydie, Emily, Ruby – adoptions

Charlotte and Linda – kennel managers

Sandra – merchandise and storage

Email us at [email protected]
Email us at [email protected]
To sponsor a dog email us at [email protected]