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Celebrating 10 years of Paws2Rescue

£10 for 10 years

Established in 2013, this year we celebrate 10 years of Paws2Rescue. It is incredible to see our global impact and achievements in supporting animals span a decade. The transformations of so many dogs who have been adopted and fostered into the safety of warm and loving homes is heart-warming. Many have been rescued from rough life on the streets and inhumane conditions; places no animal should have to endure.

Thanks to your donations, we continue to be able to supply food, tick and worming treatment and important medical care for poorly animals. But it doesn’t end there, whilst adoptions, food and care help immensely, they aren’t the only solutions. The heart of our mission is tackling the root causes of suffering, to prevent it happening in the first place.

We continue to need your help with all the important activities and campaigns that help our team of volunteers to accomplish this. Through our worldwide neutering campaigns to prevent unwanted litters, supporting veterinary scholarships to ensure that there are social care vets for the future to neuter and continue saving animals, educating communities on animal welfare, and building our very own sanctuary and medical centre; we are tackling the root causes and making footprints for the future stray animal populations.

On our 10th anniversary, which starts on 3rd November 2023, we really need your support to continue for another 10 years, to help us move closer to eliminate suffering from these animals. So please help us celebrate this milestone by donating £10 to Paws2Rescue! That’s just £1 for every year of our existence or £1 for another 10 years. Whichever way you look at it, it will help make a huge difference and help us to continue end suffering.

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