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Baia Mare Update January 2020

January 2020 and the snow started to fall. With only one internal flight into Baia Mare airport a week, we flew into Cluj and drove the 2 ½ hours through the mountains to meet our friends and partner NGO who we have worked with for over 5 years.

The shelter is home to around 170 dogs, many of who, are not able to be adopted, and may live here forever. The team is run by Vio and her husband Paul, and the dogs are very well looked after. We loved giving them treats and ran around playing with them so we could all keep warm. With temperatures never rising above -3C, it was important to keep the kennels full of straw and to keep re-filling water buckets which froze over within hours.

Good food is vital in winter, and with your kind support, we can make sure that the dogs here are kept well fed.