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Can you help one of our Special dogs?

We really would love to move them out of UK kennels.

We currently have 4 dogs in UK kennels. In a dream world, we would have none, bit with over 6,000 dogs adopted into their families, there are always going to be a very small number who sadly, and not always through their own fault are “returned”.

Each one of our 4 Special dogs were assessed by our own team in Romania before being brought to the UK, and their little quirks have been learned since arriving in the UK.

They just need to find their Special person to give them that extra little help. Whilst they are in kennels, they are well cared for, but they do not enjoy this environment and we certainly do not think they will improve.

If you can be a Special Parent, please contact our adoptions team by email at [email protected] and we would love to have a chat with you.

Here are our 4 Specials:


Bodhi, Age 2

Currently in foster kennels in Edinburgh

Gorgeous Bodhi is around 2 years old and 26 inches tall. He is currently living in Aberdeenshire, patiently waiting for his new forever family to find him. Bodhi is a wonderfully cuddly, bright and loyal boy. He is naturally very gentle and incredibly affectionate. He usually prefers to approach new people in his own time, but he is quick to build strong relationships; once his trust is gained, he becomes your friend for life. He is not a loud dog, but he will alert the household if a stranger he does not recognise approaches the house. He has a solid guarding instinct and wants to keep his family safe, however once befriended, he always welcomes his visiting friends excitedly. Bodhi is friendly and social with dogs he is acquainted with, he has formed many lovely playful relationships. He often needs a minute to feel confident and does not like overly rambunctious dogs approaching him without a warning, but polite fellow dog company is always welcome. He tends to ignore cats, birds and other local wildlife, but he has not lived with a cat. Bodhi is fully house trained, lead trained and absolutely loves walks. He does not like crates, but he is very clean and well behaved when left home alone, a true gentleman. Bodhi’s new home would preferably be in a quiet location. He does struggle with unpredictability of his surroundings; loud abrupt noises, unexpected movements and busy environment all tend to induce stress that leads to him running to hide in his bed. A stable, calm environment would be ideal for Bodhi, as we know that is what makes him feel his most confident, thriving self. He would be the best match to a family with no young children. Bodhi truly is a lovely and funny boy. He is very playful and sometimes clumsy, still lacking spatial awareness. He will be a wonderful addition to a family looking for a trusty, cuddly pup.


Georgie, Age 5

Currently in foster kennels in Birmingham

Stunning Georgie is about 5 years old. Her tan and white coat and cute pointy ears make her resemble a Basenji mix, but she is one of a kind. Georgie is extremely affectionate and loves being around her humans. After a slow introduction she will get on very well with any visitor, male or female. She is incredibly smart, playful and adores her daily walks. She’s perfect on the lead and always ready for an adventure, however she’d rather keep the car rides to the necessary minimum. Georgie is very well behaved in the house too. She is toilet trained, has never been destructive and doesn’t mind being left alone for a while. She’s currently living with two cats with no issue, sadly she’s not getting along with the resident dog that well. Some dogs seem to trigger Georgie, but she is working on changing that. After a behavioural training she has already improved immensely and we’re sure she’ll only get better. Her personality and individuality make her just the perfect single child. We know Georgie would love to be the only dog in an adult household.

Fluffy, Age 5

Currently in foster kennels in Birmingham

Beautiful Fluffy is seeking a new home. Fluffy is a big, healthy girl – about 5 years old and a German Shepherd size. Just like a true Shepherd, she loves to be active. Lots of varied mental and physical exercise is essential to keep her happy. She enjoys running and exploring new places, digging holes and doing agility exercises. She will be an incredible partner for an outdoorsy person, as she loves woods and beaches. She is housetrained and great on a lead. Fluffy is sweet and obedient, but she does lack confidence. She is naturally sensitive and didn’t have the chance to learn how to control her emotions. Our rescuer found her after she was dumped by the side of the road with a pup. Sadly, her pup was hit by a car and died right in front of her. Scared and confused, Fluffy just sat and waited but whoever left her has never come back. Before arriving to the UK she spent some time at the shelter, sharing a kennel with other dogs. Understandably, she needs time and right approach to fully recover. At the moment Fluffy can feel intimidated by other dogs, which makes her enter a defence mode. She is very good with people and loves cuddles, but she doesn’t like to be disturbed while eating or when she retires to her bed. Fluffy needs a loving, patient family, who will understand her struggles. We’re sure that with adequate exercise and clear boundaries she will soon learn the world is not as threatening as it seems and there’s no need to guard her safe spaces. Fluffy is such a great, affectionate and clever dog. We’d love to find a responsible owner who will help her thrive. She is best suited for an adult only household, with no other pets.


Cali, Age 2.5 years old

Currently in foster kennels in Sheffield

Young and adorable, Cali is only 2.5 years old (d.o.b. 14.08.20) and 18 inches tall. This terrier-like girl is a little firecracker. Full of energy and character, she will make sure you are never bored. Cali is active, curious and very clever. She loves playing and going on her daily walks; she’s lead trained, happily wearing a harness. Although she wants to come across as very sure of herself, Cali struggles with confidence and needs help in overcoming her fears. She is making great progress but she is still learning that strangers are not a real threat and there’s no need to be vocal. She usually warms to men quicker than to women, but given the time and space, she takes to everybody. She is currently living in kennels, where she works well with all staff. She always appreciates an opportunity to meet a stranger outside first, before they enter her safe space. When out on a walk, Cali prefers to be ignored at first and approach strangers in her own time. It usually doesn’t take long before she’s asking for a fuss. She is making impressive progress around new dogs too, learning to ignore ones that intimidate her. Once out her kennel she runs up and down quite happily with no reaction to anyone or any dogs. She won’t miss a chance to let a cat know what she thinks of them by barking, so a no-cat household is a must. Cali is a sweet, healthy and affectionate girl, in need of a quiet and loving home. She will be a good match for a family with no small children and no other pets. With time, patience and consistent training Cali will soon show her true colours, of a loyal, fun and incredibly adorable companion. She will require time to settle and adjust without any pressure or expectations being placed on her too quickly.