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SOS Food Donation Appeal

Coronavirus craziness has reached Romania and we have had more than one rescuer crying to us because they cannot get dog food in the shops anywhere.

Here is one desperate post, made after an appeal for help: “In Romania, the hysteria broke out, the state of emergency will be declared soon. The supermarkets will close. We will have no access anywhere, so he told the news. This situation scares me. It scares me that many dogs will be left without food and treatments, many lives will be lost because these things will not exist.”

We have several tons of food held in reserve at manufacturers in Romania, please help us to buy some of this because we desperately want to send food out in the next couple of days to rescuers across the country.

This really will be a horrific time for the dogs when the shops are stocking essentials only – and that does not include dog food.

Please donate or share so that we can help as many rescuers and dog lovers as ask us for help. We will also release the balance of our Prepare for Winter money to ensure that the dogs have food.

You can donate via our website. Please help us to keep ordering food because, without us, thousands of dogs are starving.

Here are some of the food orders that have already arrived – please help us to keep sending food out across Romania, this really is an SOS for the dogs.