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Paws2Rescue in Philippines 2021

Our international work continuing into the future, as we continue our work with Philippine Animal Rescue Advocates (PARA), whom we have worked with since 2019.

This wonderful team now look after 76 rescue dogs, 18 puppies and 40 cats in their shelter in such difficult times during the coronavirus epidemic. With local donations and adoptions low, our support is so desperately needed at this time.

Whilst we are keen to continue our work with PARA, and improve animal rights conditions, during lockdown, this is proving more difficult sadly. In the meantime, the rain season has approached. The dogs need dog boxes, elevating matting for their beds, they need food, vitamins and medicine – and this is how we are helping.

The approximate monthly expenditure at this shelter is 45,000 Philippine Pesos (PHP) a month (this is approximately £670). This is split:

15 sacks of rice
25 sacks of dog food
Caretakers salary x 2 12,000 PHP
Rental costs 5,000 PHP
Electricity 1,500 PHP
Water 1,000 PHP

How can you help? By one off donations, or a small monthly donation, you can help us to ensure that these dogs continue to be fed and cared for.

This is no luxury shelter, but step by step, we can help to improve these dogs’ lives. Here are a few of the rescued dogs – a world apart from their awful lives of abuse before they were brought here to safety.