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October 2020 – and our building work continues.

Our strategy as a charity, to leave a lasting legacy in rural Romania, and our two autumn building projects are nearing completion – to be ready before the winter comes, because when it does, it will hit hard, and cold.

In a village outside Cluj, work is progressing on The Homestead, a half acre play area so that rescued dogs and puppies can live in a home and garden environment, rather than in cages in a shelter.

Replacing makeshift fencing is vital for the safety of the dogs.

The main work is the fencing to secure the area. This safe place is so desperately needed. It is so exciting to know that the rescued puppies and dogs will be safe here, and not kept in a shelter.

In the west of Romania, in a rural area where we have worked for a number of years, work is being carried out on The Sanctuary. The land purchased, and transferred in the books from agricultural to use as a shelter in this area, concrete and ballast has been poured and the land prepared. The rain has fallen for the past two weeks, and in this time, the team have been preparing the next stage, to start the fencing as soon as the rains stop.

This is a small sanctuary a place where the dogs can relax after leaving notorious public shelters. Whilst they will live in enclosures for their safety, they will have a huge play area and the most wonderful team caring for them.

The fencing is being hand painted and prepared, as The Sanctuary becomes a reality.

A huge thank you to everyone who supports our work which means that we can build safe havens for the dogs and puppies who have lived lives of pain in the streets and public shelters.