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Paws2Rescue Sanctuary Update

In 2021, we started our most ambitious project, building a sanctuary in rural west Romania. Building a dog shelter to EU standards was never going to be easy, and we set ourselves 3 years to complete this. We are now in Year 3.

From grassland, the sanctuary has risen, working locally with our rescuer Melisa, this has been built by hand, and as and when donations came in. The wonderful young man Ashley Owens raised and is still raising, a huge sum to help us to build this, raising donations by sleeping in his tent – now into his third year! The sanctuary has indoor and outdoor space for the dogs plus a huge amount if land for the dogs to play in too! The shelter itself is built, all that needs to be done is to put doors on each enclosure. The septic tank and drainage system has been worked on over the past 3 months and is almost complete. The kennels have been bought and have arrived! Every penny has been so carefully spent, the whole project has been built by just 3 people, and we are so close to opening!

We are so truly excited and wanted to share the progress photos with you all. A huge thanks to everyone who has supported this project – it really will change lives for hundreds of dogs into the future.