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The Paws2Rescue team’s hearts are permanently broken, knowing about the horrific abuse of dogs in the dog meat trade. Last year, in South Korea, 300 dogs were rescued from a dog farm near Seoul. As the dogs waited in cramped cages, others were being slaughtered in front of their eyes.

The dog meat trade in South Korea is sickening, and dogs destined for the dinner plate suffer the most extreme deaths imaginable, including many being boiled alive.

In June 2017, Gem, an 18 month old dog meat trade survivor, will leave South Korea forever, flying to the UK and Heathrow airport. Our team fell in love with Gem when they heard of her sickening start to life (she is only 18 months), and we wanted to help her. She will be our first Jindo dog in the UK, thanks to the wonderful rescuer Nami.

The costs of vaccinating and bringing Gem to the UK are huge, and we will be holding our own fundraising events to help her. If you would like to carry out a fundraising event – from a car boot sale to a bungee jump, please contact us and we can help you with an events pack.