Paws2Rescue | UK Registered Charity No. 1156882

Can you help us to feed dogs in need?

Every month, our rescuers have to feed around 600 hungry animals. That’s a lot of food!

And while most are dogs and puppies, out kind-hearted team also care for sheep, goats, chickens, horses, cats… even a few cows.

But this comes at a cost: we need to find £7,379.36 a month just to provide food for the animals in our rescuers’ care.

And that’s why we’re asking for the help of our generous supporters.

Could you commit to just £3.15 a week to feed one of our animals?

Set up a monthly direct debit online today. The process is easy and you can cancel at any time. Your weekly donation of £3.15 will make a huge difference to the animals in our care.

Thank you from us and on behalf of the many animals who will eat well every day because of your kindness.