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Hello, my name is

Buddy (UK)

And I'm looking for my forever home.

Here's what some kind humans wrote about me

Handsome Buddy is 3 years old and lives in Royston, Hertfordshire, where he is patiently waiting for his forever family to find him.

Buddy is a charmingly odd looking pup, resembling a mix of a dachshund with a collie. He’s lively and playful, he enjoys spending time outdoors and absolutely loves his daily walks. He does walk very well on a lead, but still prefers collar to a harness. Buddy is extremely affectionate and attached to the people he trusts; once a person wins his heart, he will be their most loyal, loving friend forever. He’s full of unconditional love and always ready for a good, long cuddle.

At the moment, Buddy is struggling with self-confidence. He is making good progress and already learned to tolerate scary noises like thunder, TV or loud machinery and hardly flinches nowadays. He is, however, still intimidated by strangers, especially when he’s concerned they are invading his territory. He wants to keep his family safe and whenever strangers approach, he can get vocal to warn them. He is much more relaxed around women, and given the time, he warms to most people. He is often timid around new dogs too and does not like cats.

Buddy is a really sweet, loving boy and we would love to find a family ready to give him all the time and consistent training he needs. We’re sure he is capable of overcoming his struggles and becoming a more confident pup.

Buddy is not neutered yet, as consultations with two vets suggested that it could worsen his fear.
Currently in Royston, Hertfordshire.