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Hello, my name is

Nero and Cindy

And I'm looking for my forever home.

Here's what some kind humans wrote about me

Nero and Cindy are our adorable father-daughter duo. Abandoned in a village about 110 km outside Bucharest, they stayed together through the most challenging times. They were initially thought to be a mother and a baby, a bond this strong is rarely seen between a father and his pups. Their relationship is truly remarkable and we know they will thrive only if they remain together. They are currently in foster in Brighton. Nero is thought to be 7 years old (born around 2016), he is less than 10 inches tall and weighs 10 kg. Cindy is around 2 year old (born around June 2021) and even smaller, at about 7-8 kg and 8 inches. They are both very friendly with people; they love to greet visitors and want to be fussed. Their excitement might be a bit too much for young children, as they like to get jumpy and playfully nip, we believe they will be best suited to an adult household. They are getting along well with all 5 resident dogs in their current foster home, but they only really care about each other. They eat together, do zoomies around the garden together, wrestle together, snooze together and do not really need other dogs company. They enjoy playing with toys and chewing bones, there’s not a drop of aggression in any of them. We know they will be happy as long as they stay together. Both Nero and Cindy are still learning how to be the perfect house trained pups. They didn’t have the chance to be properly taken care of family pets in the past and they are doing everything they can to catch up. Their foster mum is house training them and practicing walking on a lead. They are quite a vocal pair, especially Cindy who still has a lot of easily excitable, puppy energy about her. They are adjusting to the new reality and learning fast, but they need a patient family to help them navigate all the dos and don’ts. They are both adorable, cute pups that just want to be loved unconditionally. A space to be together, loving family and regular belly rubs are all they are asking for. Currently living in Brighton.