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Hello, my name is


And I'm looking for my forever home.

Here's what some kind humans wrote about me

Obi is a short, but handsome pup, measuring about 35cm in height and weighing 17 kg. He’s 3 years and 9 months old, neutered and currently living near Bristol.

Obi is not only good looking, but also incredibly clever. He is very well trained in the house, sleeps through the night, and follows commands. He enjoys putting his brain to work, he will patiently sit and wait whilst his treats are being hidden in another room. Once he’s called, and only then, the (detective) play time begins. He’s quite chatty and likes to let you know when he sees another dog around the house, when his toy gets stuck or when the doorbell rings, but it’s not excessive. He’s not an athletic type but enjoys running on a long line and loves his relaxing late night walks around the block. He is working on perfecting his recall, as squirrels, foxes and other attractive distractions are still getting his full attention. He usually gets on well with female dogs but doesn’t always befriend the males, especially while on the lead. He is sharing his current house with a guinea pig and pays little attention to her, unless she’s running around – then he is curious and keen to play. Although he’s not bothered by cats either (as long as they sit still), he’d be better suited to be the only pet.

Obi is a fantastic pup, but he is looking for a responsible, patient owner. We are unsure of what he had to endure in the past, but it left him wary and lacking trust around people. He will tolerate visitors, but he is not accepting of them bending down and stroking him. He has used teeth on the members of the family he currently lives with, and his triggers are not fully understood yet. He takes calming medicine daily and he sometimes needs to be separated or distracted with games to better manage interactions that are getting too intense. He is working hard and making progress, but process during which he will need unconditional support and a very consistent training. Despite all his fears he will still approach the people he is used to for strokes, treats, and games. He will gruff and nudge at them to gently ask for pets. He is especially loving towards the person he currently trusts the most, he’s comfortable with all the attention, grooming and playing coming from them.

We want to believe a warm, loving, and supportive home is waiting somewhere for Obi. He is best suited for an adult only household and a family ready for the hard but incredibly rewarding work it takes to help a scarred dog find his peace and confidence.

Currently in Bristol.