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February Orphanage Visit

Following our Christmas shoebox appeal, where you all donated the most generous Christmas boxes
for the orphans, in February, we went back to Mia’s orphanage. By far one of the best orphanages
that we have ever been too, these children are polite, keen to learn and so loving – an absolute
credit to animal loving Mia. We brought with us from the UK the card and bits and pieces, and spent
a lovely afternoon with each child making their own giraffe.

In Romania orphans are treated as outcasts, not allowed to play in the local park with other children,
not accepted in some schools. Some of the children have come from the most horrific backgrounds –
one child bitten by rats as she lived in the sewer, two girls sexually abused by their father – and yet
every child was so sweet and is being brought up so well mannered. Expressing themselves in writing
and craft is a huge benefit to them, and knowing that we care from the UK means the world. This is
our future generation of animal lovers.