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From our Adopters…

“Thank you for all the work you do guys! it’s amazing, fearless and the absolute epitome of compassion & selflessness. Thanks to your work my step mum and my dad have adopted two best friends, Asher (formally Bruce) & Hildy. both them and us are happier than we have ever been with our family complete. You’re all superstars! not just in this current pandemic; but throughout the years and all the work you have done & continue to do — truly from the bottom of my heart, thank you”

“So we moved to Bristol from London on Tuesday, and this morning at 05:45 I got worken up by this little man growling (never heard him do that before). He was in the bedroom window growling at a guy trying to break into our front door. What a little hero little squid (previously Simba) is thank you for giving us our very own home security system!”

“Something very wonderful happened just recently. I was scrolling through Paws2Rescue on my phone and opened a video which had Melisa talking soothingly to a distressed dog that she had rescued. Otto’s ears instantly shot up, he sat up alert, stock still, his eyes wide, he looked in the direction of my phone and stared and listened, ears cocked. He quite clearly remembered the kind voice of his rescuer, in whose house he had spent much time after his operations. He remembered his dear Melissa. We know that dogs remember and that they remember for a long time, but I hope it is the good things, the kindnesses of their rescuers and carers and the love that people give them that they remember always and that the awful trauma that they experience is the memory that hopefully fades the fastest. Otto remembers you Melisa and says ‘hello’!”

Otto was found by Melisa thrown down a river bank.

“My dear Mum is in a nursing home, so I am staying in her flat with these 2 monkeys whilst I visit her. Every day they have had a trip to the beach and then come with me to visit Granny.
If it wasn’t for them I don’t know how I would’ve coped. I didn’t save them, they have saved me.”