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Iasi Neuter 2018

Cats have paws too!

We work closely with our rescue team in the east of Romania in Iasi. An amazing and dedicated team, they work so hard helping the cats and dogs, including the 1,000 dogs in the public shelter. The dogs are neutered in the shelters, but the cats need help too.

As with the whole country, there are rescue groups focusing on neutering dogs and yet there are thousands upon thousands of un neutered cats too. With many cat owners wanting to neuter, but simply not being able to afford it either, the problem multiplies every day.

During our visit to Iasi in January 2018, we went to watch our wonderful vet carry out neutering of cats, the operation was very quick, and the incisions smaller than our nails.

Throughout 2018, we will be carrying out neuter campaigns in Iasi. One neuter costs EU16.50, equivalent to £15.

Neuter campaigns, don’t all have to be huge, weekends long, large numbers, for our Iasi cat neuter campaign, we can carry out a campaign with just 10 neuters at a time. Little and often, all year long.

If you are holding a small fundraising event of your own, a coffee morning, a cake sale, dress down day at work, you can fund your own campaign in Iasi!

Our rescuers can make a small poster to include in the photos to thank you.

Please help us and support our neutering campaign – it is the only way to reduce the stray and unwanted population of cats.

Our neutering campaigns are supported by our patron Ricky Gervais.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, we hope that you will support us in helping the cats. From Oana and the team in Iasi.