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January 2021 News

January 2021 and a new start to a New Year, one of hope for so many. Covid-19 had an awful effect on the dogs in Romania, as abandonment continued, and curfews meant that our rescuers would be breaking the law to go out in the night.

A month where the snow fell hard and towards the end of the month turned into rain, our rescuers saved 104 lives. 104 dogs and cats in desperate need of help, each one who would have died where they lay if they were not taken in by our wonderful team and rescuers across Romania.

A dog saved from chains. She had been tied her whole life in these awful conditions.

Our work in the community continued, as we bought this man a stove for winter, cleaned the mud filled house and brought food for him and the stray animals that he cares for. Your Christmas shoeboxes were still being delivered in early January and brought such happiness to the children in the villages around Brasov.

A boy lay at the side of the road, in the pouring rain and unable to move. So many cars simply slowed down to look and drove past him. Our amazing rescuers at Adapostul de Caini din Baia Mare took him in, and he is in foster care awaiting surgery.

To end our month, the rescue of a pregnant horse who was tied up and with awful infections in her eyes, nose and hooves. She will be taken to the small farm holding in Moldova Noua where she will live the rest of her life in peace, enjoying the view of the Danube river instead of being forced to pull heavy loads on a cart.

We sent 17 tons of food to rescuers across Romania in December and January   

Probably our most exciting project in 2021 has been the purchase of Number 509. Formerly a patisserie, and soon to become a vet clinic, with accommodation, outbuildings and land. Bought in association with our partner charity Asociatia ALMA, it is a lifesaver for thousands of animals in rural Romania, where the nearest vet surgeon is a four hour drive at the moment. A very exciting project and we hope to have a volunteer building team going to Romania to help too.