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July 2019 Update

One lovely lady in the UK sent us 50 pairs of new shoes and bags of stationary for the children. So we
filled a suitcase on our trip last week, and went out into the communities, our cars laden with shoes,
donations of clothes from locals in Romania, and food too.

How can we help the dogs, if we can’t help change a culture of abuse and hatred of animals. Our
compassion for a starving dog would be fake if we walked away from children, knowing they had no
food either.

We were in awe at many of the brave and lonely children, no matter what race they were, and how
they survive with so little. We hope that our time with them may make a tiny change in the
community too.

Resting with an old lady for coffee and a chat with only a few words, but many smiles, and it showed
that sharing love and compassion truly is infectious.

Whilst we only take donations out at Christmas, we thank all of those who support our vital work in
the communities too, because maybe a smile and some happiness means that a dog won’t get
beaten that day too.

Here are just a few of the beautiful children: