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Neutering is the Only Solution 

We all want animals to live cruelty-free lives and flourish side-by-side with humans, but in both the urban and rural communities we work in, stray dogs and cats are a depressingly frequent sight. Uncontrolled breeding of these animals has multiple negative repercussions such as spread of disease and parasites; increasing public fear and suspicion and, of course, the terrible suffering of homeless animals who are forced to compete for food. Worst of all, many of these miserable, unwanted animals will be rounded up, caged in brutal kill shelters before being euthanised. Surely it makes sense to tackle the root cause of the problem, rather than deal with its miserable consequences? 

And it’s not only strays that suffer: either through ignorance or lack of access to vet care, many pet dogs are also left to give birth to unwanted litters which then feed into the problem. And while we work hard to find loving homes and foster compassion for these animals – after all, they’re the victims here – we know that preventing unwanted animals from being born is the only solution. That’s why our neuter campaigns are at the heart of our mission. 

Why you should support our neuter campaigns 

The average female stray dog could have around 96 puppies in its life. (8 reproductive years x 2 litters per year x 6 puppies per litter).  Imagine if each of those puppies then goes on to do the same and you will understand why we place so much emphasis on neutering. Over the last ten years, Paws2Rescue has neutered almost 17,000 animals. While it’s impossible to calculate exact figures, we can estimate that we have prevented well in excess of 1.5 million unwanted animals from being born.  Thanks to our proactive approach, fewer puppies and kittens are being born into homelessness and misery. There are health benefits too as neutering reduces the risk of reproductive cancers, infections and aggression in male dogs. We are also able to incorporate community outreach and educational campaigns alongside our neuter campaigns, particularly in rural communities. By equipping communities with knowledge and resources, our programmes help to cultivate a culture of empathy and collaboration which benefits humans and animals alike.  

So please consider supporting our neutering campaigns. Each neuter costs an average of £25, but we are very grateful for any donations, no matter how small. Together, we can help to erase the suffering and ensure every animal is a wanted animal.