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Neutering – the Summer of 2022

What have we been doing in Romania all summer 2022?

Our teams across rural Romania have been neutering and educating in the communities – there has been almost not a day when we haven’t neutered an animal!

We are focusing on rural Romania, where spaying is so desperately needed. Communities and Mayors really are really becoming a true part of our work and our campaigns, so keen to be a part and to stop unwanted births.

In July alone, we neutered 1,171 animals and in August. We neutered 955 animals.

Some of our UK team went to Romania for two weeks to help on two rural campaigns, in Calarasi and Campina. We worked with Green Vet social care vet teams on both campaigns – with around 14 vets and 20 team on each. These were a key part of our Mission 22 neuter social campaigns across the summer. Many local children joined us and drew beautiful animal pictures for us, and we donated 50 school bag and back pack sets, thanks to donations raised by our adopters.

For the summer months we are also working with our partner team in Ukraine, where we will neuter over 1,000 animals over the months.

A huge success for our extremely hard working teams, and with more campaigns prepared for the autumn, we really are making huge impacts in the communities in rural Romania.

Thanks to everyone who donates to support our vital work.

Paws2Rescue Neutering 2022
Sterilising equipment during a campaign is vital.
Paws2Rescue Neutering 2022
We didn’t only neuter – every animal brought in with any medical issue was also treated or operated on, without cost to the owner.
Paws2Rescue Neutering 2022
Cats brought into our clinic in Ortisoara to be spayed.
Paws2Rescue Neutering 2022
You walked … we neutered. Mission 2022.