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Hello, my name is


And I'm looking for my forever home.

Here's what some kind humans wrote about me

Currently in foster kennels in Edinburgh.

Gorgeous Bodhi is around 2 years old and 26 inches tall. He is currently living in Aberdeenshire, patiently waiting for his new forever family to find him. Bodhi is a wonderfully cuddly, bright and loyal boy. He is naturally very gentle and incredibly affectionate. He usually prefers to approach new people in his own time, but he is quick to build strong relationships; once his trust is gained, he becomes your friend for life. He is not a loud dog, but he will alert the household if a stranger he does not recognise approaches the house. He has a solid guarding instinct and wants to keep his family safe, however once befriended, he always welcomes his visiting friends excitedly. Bodhi is friendly and social with dogs he is acquainted with, he has formed many lovely playful relationships. He often needs a minute to feel confident and does not like overly rambunctious dogs approaching him without a warning, but polite fellow dog company is always welcome. He tends to ignore cats, birds and other local wildlife, but he has not lived with a cat. Bodhi is fully house trained, lead trained and absolutely loves walks. He does not like crates, but he is very clean and well behaved when left home alone, a true gentleman. Bodhi’s new home would preferably be in a quiet location. He does struggle with unpredictability of his surroundings; loud abrupt noises, unexpected movements and busy environment all tend to induce stress that leads to him running to hide in his bed. A stable, calm environment would be ideal for Bodhi, as we know that is what makes him feel his most confident, thriving self. He would be the best match to a family with no young children. Bodhi truly is a lovely and funny boy. He is very playful and sometimes clumsy, still lacking spatial awareness. He will be a wonderful addition to a family looking for a trusty, cuddly pup.