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Hello, my name is


And I'm looking for my forever home.

Here's what some kind humans wrote about me

Currently in foster kennels in Birmingham.

Stunning Georgie is about 5 years old. Her tan and white coat and cute pointy ears make her resemble a Basenji mix, but she is one of a kind. Georgie is extremely affectionate and loves being around her humans. After a slow introduction she will get on very well with any visitor, male or female. She is incredibly smart, playful and adores her daily walks. She’s perfect on the lead and always ready for an adventure, however she’d rather keep the car rides to the necessary minimum. Georgie is very well behaved in the house too. She is toilet trained, has never been destructive and doesn’t mind being left alone for a while. She’s currently living with two cats with no issue, sadly she’s not getting along with the resident dog that well. Some dogs seem to trigger Georgie, but she is working on changing that. After a behavioural training she has already improved immensely and we’re sure she’ll only get better. Her personality and individuality make her just the perfect single child. We know Georgie would love to be the only dog in an adult household.