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Meet the team

We would be nothing without our amazing volunteers who dedicate their time and energy to save the lives of many of our furry friends, and help them find their forever home.

A photo of Paws2Rescue founder Alison sitting on a carpeted floor stroking a small dog


I’m Alison, and I am the Founder of PawsRescue, project manager in Romania and I help drive the direction and growth of the charity in our work overseas, focusing on neuter and education. I couldn’t be prouder of each one of our fantastic team of volunteers, the heartbeat of PawsRescue, our team in Romania and every single supporter who is truly a part of our Paws family.
A black and white photo of Paws2Rescue team member Sarah-Jane wearing a jumper with the words "Be Kind" printed on the front


I’m Sarah-Jane, better known as SJ. I’ve been involved with PawsRescue since the very start in 2013. My main role is Design Manager, I do the artwork and proofreading for calendars, newsletters, advertising and campaigns etc. as my professional background is being a graphic designer and proofreader. In the earlier days, along with my husband, we did a lot of transporting dogs from them arriving from Romania into the UK and on to their new homes in various parts of the north and Scotland, I also did quite a few homechecks. I have four dogs, two of which are from Romania through P2R. Madison my first Rommie was one of the very first P2R dogs, arriving in December 2013. We also have Merlin who was classed as an un adoptable trauma dog due to the terrible abuse he suffered in Romania. He’s been with us since September 2014, he’s unrecognisable now and is very settled and a much loved member of our family. We have fostered a number of dogs over the years too, a very rewarding experience!
A photo of Paws2Rescue team member Matt sitting and holding a small dog


Hi I’m Matt! I provide legal advice and work on special projects for Paws 2Rescue. I also provide foster care for our dogs. I have four rescues of my own (mostly foster fails). PawsRescue provides much needed care and support for the forgotten animals of Romania. It’s a pleasure to be a part of such a dedicated, caring, and important team.
A photo of Paws2Rescue team member Karolina stood outside in a muddy area alongside a beautiful dog


My name is Karolina, I’ve been volunteering for P2R since January 2021. I wanted to join this amazing team since Oscar came into my life. I have been part of the adoption team and I am now in charge of the IPAFFS (travel documents) and microchips registrations. Paws2Rescue and every single person in the team are doing a fantastic job. I am very happy to know we’re not only helping animals to find their forever home but the team is also taking actions to help the community in Romania.
A photo of Paws2Rescue team member Christine smiling at the camera


Hi my name is Christine and I adopted my first paws2rescue dog, Holly in 2013 and since then I have adopted and fostered a few more . I became part of the homecheckers team in 2018 and I throughly enjoy doing it as I get to meet new people. I used to go to people’s homes to do a homecheck but it’s different now it’s a video call so as well as meeting new people I also get to see new places in the UK even if is their back garden.
A photo of Paws2Rescue team member Anca wearing a red t-shirt and smiling while holding a black and white cat


I help with the van runs and make sure the dogs and cats have their passports ready for travel. I love being part of the Paws team which is made up of amazing people who are incredibly dedicated to helping animals. My favourite part is seeing the ‘after’ photos of dogs and cats happy and safe in their new homes. I live in Edinburgh with my wonderful husband and our marvelous cat, Grubby.
A photo of Paws2Rescue team member Maureen sitting outside holding two small dogs


Hi, I’m Maureen and I create and manage the albums on the PawsRescue Dogs Available for Adoption Facebook page. I also have the Friday evening shift answering messages and comments on the Facebook pages. A friend told me about PawsRescue last year after I lost my dog Mia aged 14 and last October adopted Mella and May (mum and daughter) from Paws. When Alison was looking for volunteers in January 2021, 1 offered my time. I’m very proud to be a part of the Paws Team and seeing firsthand how extraordinary the whole team is and how the pieces all fit together.
A photo of Paws2Rescue team member Danica stood outside next to a dog in a chair


Hi, I’m Danica! I have been homechecking for Paws2Rescue for a couple of years, and more recently have also joined the adoption team, and I can often be found responding to enquiries or applications forms. I help out with other bits and pieces when I can too. I live with two overseas rescue dogs (Bambi and Persephone), three cats (two rescue and one a kitten from a rescue cat) and three rescue chickens! Paws2Rescue does amazing work, not just in adopting dogs but also in the community in Romania, and I am very proud to be a part of such a crucial charity.
A photo of Paws2Rescue team member Magdalena standing in the beautiful countryside holding a small dog


I adopted my one and only P2R baby Chilli 2 years ago and have been following the amazing work the charity does ever since. I have joined the team only this June, but I immediately felt like part of the family. I reply to your Facebook messages once a week, I support with creative writing here and there and I’m currently doing my best to help write a funding application. It’s a privilege to work with such dedicated and selfless group of people and there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing our lovely dogs find their forever homes.
A photo of Paws2Rescue team member Emily smiling at the camera


Hi, I’m Emily. I have four dogs, three are P2R. I live with my two boys, partner and not forgetting out tortoise Max. My role is primarily in the adoptions team, I manage the Romanian adoptions and the UK foster/re-home dogs. I also help with fundraising and administration. Joining Paws2rescue has opened my eyes and educated me beyond expectation. I am proud that we are more than just a dog rescue charity, with the importance of the neuter and education campaigns running throughout the year, the community work for deprived families in Romania and so much more. You really do become part of the wider Paws Family that extends its reach from the UK to our rescuers in Romania. It’s wonderful to be part of such a great team and to be given the opportunity to support Paws2rescue with the extensive work they do in Romania and other countries
A photo of Paws2Rescue team member Rachel kissing a very small dog on the back of the head


I’m Rachel. I live just outside Manchester with my family and our lovely Cavapoo, Smudge, and two gorgeous Paws senior girls, Minnie and Lola. I love being a member of the Paws team and I help out with the Facebook page at the weekend.
A photo of Paws2Rescue team member Dabbi with a filter that gives her the nose and ears of a tiger


Hi Im Debbi and do home checks for paws 2 rescue and have done many other hot e checks for 14 years. Its lovely to see of our paws pups find their forever homes.
A photo of Paws2Rescue team member Cath with a curious looking dog


I’m Cath, the Auction Manager (posh name for administrator!). My 2 rescue dogs are from paws 2rescue, and I have 4 rescue cats too. My life would be so dull without them.
A photo of Paws2Rescue team member Darren standing in a field wearing a hoodie with the Paws2Rescue logo printed on the front, he is surrounded by a group of happy dogs


Hi, I’m Darren and I’m on the behaviourist team at Pawsrescue. I also get to do the occasional home check. Our first Paws dog was Venus, a great girl who no one wanted, and she’d been in the shelter for 5 years. She joined our Husky Caesar, that was 3 years ago. Since then, we have had 2 more paws dogs join us to form the gang. Zeus and Holly. We had to buy another sofa for them all. I love being a part of the Paws2rescue team, I have never met so many selfless, motivated, and dedicated people that will do anything to help the dogs. It’s great to watch the adopters begin their journey with their new family members even if they do need a little help along the way but above all the most amazing thing is seeing the dogs change and live the life they were meant to.
A photo of Paws2Rescue team member Iona sitting on grass outside cuddling a happy dog


Hi, I’m lona. I started helping Paws in 2019 after a trip to Bucharest. We visited a public shelter as well as an orphanage and when I got home I knew I had to help this great charity. I have 3 Romanian rescue dogs myself (2 from paws) and they are all amazing. I feel privileged to be a part of this team, everyone is so passionate and caring in what they do.
A photo of Paws2Rescue team member Abbey holding a very small dog


Hello, my name is Abbey! I am new to the p2r team and I help out with social media and applications. I live in Devon with my partner and our three dogs Benji, Merlin and Poppy. I feel very lucky to be able to help with p2r as the charity’s mission is one I support and the work achieved is amazing.
A photo of Paws2Rescue team member Cristina wearing a cap alongside a very happy dog


My name is Cristina and I help this wonderful charity with the homecheck process by allocating adoption requests to the lovely homecheckers
A photo of Paws2Rescue team member Victoria (Vicky) smiling while wearing a sweatshirt with the words "Be Kind" printed on the front


Hi! I’m Vickie. I first got involved with the Paws team nearly a year ago after following them for a few years after my Mom adopted a Paws dog. I’m part of the adoptions team, dealing with applications. I also help out on our Facebook page a couple of times a week. I’m very proud and honoured to be part of an amazing team.
A close up photo of Paws2Rescue team member Kerry with a small white dog


Hi, I’m Kerry and I have been on the team for around 5 years now. I mainly work on adoptions, such as matching up dogs with the potential adopters and also our adoption policies. It’s an incredible privilege to be part of a charity that really does make a difference, with the most fantastic, hard working team. I have seen first hand many, many times the horrors of the public shelters and the how hard our rescuers work over in Romania, and this is part of the reason why I feel so strongly about our spay and neuter campaigns. I am also the very lucky human of Novak – our Paws2rescue mascot and two rescue house bunnies.
A photo of Paws2Rescue team member Gayleen smiling while standing in a pink t-shirt holding 2 small dogs


Hi, I’m Gayleen and I do virtual home Checks and I’m a home check manager. I started fostering two years ago with my first dog Blossom and fostered 5 more until I became a “failed Foster” and adopted my 6th Foster, Bellatrix, in April of this year, 2021. I love what I do and being so closely involved with Paws 2Rescue has shown me why rescuing and adopting dogs and cats from overseas is so desperately needed.
A photo of Paws2Rescue team member Karen standing outside and smiling while wearing a Paws2Rescue hoodie with the words "Be Kind" printed on the front


Well, we adopted Gus (was Lester) in December 2016 and that’s how l became involved with Paws2Rescue. On 1st February 2019, after much discussion, PawsRescue SAS (Safe and Sound) launched and I have been running it ever since. P2R SAS is where sponsors pay £25 per year to sponsor a dog which is too old, too traumatized or maybe too unwell to be able to be rehomed. We started with just 13 dogs – now there are 54 dogs, plus one pig, one sheep, one horse and one donkey!
A photo of Paws2Rescue team member Amy smiling


Hi my name is Amy and I have been part of the Paws2rescue team since beginning of 2021. I have 2 paws2rescue dogs Harper and Nelly. I help with replying to your messages on Facebook and I am part of the adoptions team. I love being part of the paws2rescue team and it’s an honour to see first hand how paws2rescue are incredible in helping animals in Romania.
A photo of Paws2Rescue team member Rose smiling as a dog jumps up to lick her face


I am new to the P2R support team with support calls and behaviour management. I have a degree in animal behaviour and welfare and work as a secondary science teacher. I adore this charity and my beautiful girl Bunny I got from Romania back in 2020. Every dog deserves a home but most of all, every home deserves a dog
A photo of Paws2Rescue team member Keaton holding a happy dog


Hey! My names Keaton and I began my Paws2Rescue journey back in 2019. I found paws2rescue when I was in my final year at university and they kindly helped with my research into neutering and Romanian rescues. From then on we became emergency fosters. Luna is my first Romanian rescue pup who we emergency fostered then adopted, she lives with her two sibling who are huskies and our current foster,Poppy who is from Romania too. I help with adoption applications, facebook and have the privilege to go to Birmingham kennels where we finally let you collect your fur baby for the first time.
A photo of Paws2Rescue team member Nafeica with her eyes closed


I adopted Rita my P2R rescue two and a half years ago, and she has without doubt been on of the best decisions of my life. To watch her enjoy life, see her run jump and race through woodland, to see her growing trust in people, has been the greatest honour. I started doing virtual home checks during lock down, and it has felt so good to do something good, in such a difficult time, to be a small cog in the wheel that places beautiful dogs with wonderful adopters, it is pure joy.
A black and white photo of Paws2Rescue team member Oksana standing on a beach wearing a hoodie with the Paws2Rescue logo printed on the front


My name is Oksana and I am happy and proud of being a part of wonderful PawsRescue family. I help with arranging transportation of adopted dogs from Romania to their new families in the UK. I am lucky to reside in the beautiful Scottish Highlands now with my family, however, I originate from Ukraine and, sadly, the situation with stray animals in my country is not much better than in Romania. I know too well what strays have to come through living on the streets. And therefore being able to help at least some of them means so much to me.
Photo of Paws2Rescue team member Laura smiling while holding a small dog


Hi I’m Laura! I am a trustee of P2R and currently on mat leave with my little boy but help out generally and run our Instagram, in the past I have done a bit of everything! I am dog mum to 2 rommies – Toby and Holly. I am so proud to be part of Paws and to be a part of our exceptional team who do such amazing work saving lives every day
Photo of Paws2Rescue team member Aileen smiling while standing next to a dog


I started helping P2R by carrying out virtual home checks soon after the beginning of lockdown. More recently I’ve started to help sort applications at their first stage, and now take a weekly slot answering messages on the Facebook page. I love seeing the dogs settle into their forever home and watching them blossom into loving pets
Photo of Paws2Rescue team member Louisa wearing a jumper with the words "Be Kind" printed on the front


Hi, my name’s Louisa. I mostly help out with the messages and comments on the Facebook pages. I joined the team in 2020 and I’m very proud to be a part of such an incredible charity. I can’t wait for the day I’ll be able to get my own P2R dog, but in the meantime it’s so lovely to see the lives of so many dogs being saved, settling and flourishing in their forever homes.
Photo of Paws2Rescue team member Kelly wearing a hoodie with the words "Be Kind, Team Paws2Rescue" printed on the front


I’m Kelly and I love being part of the P2R team. I currently have 2 paws dogs aswell as a non paws dog, 2 rescue cats and 2 very talkative cheeky parrots. I joined the team over 2 years ago and what a team we are. I have made lifelong friends who all as passionate as myself about animals. Within the team I try to help wherever I’m needed. I help with transporting dogs to their forever homes, helping on the group page. You see me around in the arrival group checking all arrived safely and updating any name changes. I also foster dogs which is so emotional sometimes watching them grow and forming a bond then moving to their forever homes, but in a very good way. I do more stuff behind the scene as in helping keep website details updated. I have previously helped with homechecks and albums. I like to know a little bit of everything to be able to help out.
Photo of Paws2Rescue team member Yvonne sitting on top of a white horse


Hi! My name is Yvonne and I look after our internal transport. I also serve as Trustee for P2R. In the past, I have been involved in each aspect of the adoption process, from home checks to home delivery. I am being owned by a lovely black cat called Miau Miau who loves nothing more than a piece of chicken and sleeping on my pillow. I joined the P2R team some 5 years ago because I wanted to make a little difference and I feel proud to be part of such a dedicated team.
Photo of Paws2Rescue team member Linda with a dog


My name is Linda and I feel very privileged to be one of the Paws 2Rescue team. I have been involved since 2017 when I adopted my girl Luna. I began by fostering and then started helping with fundraising and homechecks. I am also very lucky to be able to go to Horsham kennels and meet the new adopters when they pick up their new babies.