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Hello, my name is


And I found my forever home through Paws2Rescue!
Adopted March 2020
at age 4 months

We were planning on adopting from the UK, however due to covid, it was not allowed. Our plan was to rehome an adolescent collie, as we know a lot of them struggle and go into kennels and we had just lost our own beautiful collie.

We then heard about dogs from Romania needing good homes. We did a bit of research for a good rescue and found Paws2Rescue. Initially, the only condition was that we did not want a pup or adolescent and that an adult would suit us better.

Then we saw Albert and everything changed. We realised we had an Albert shaped space at home and so decided to see if we could adopt him. When we first met him it was as if we had all met before. He was very calm and relaxed around us. My 18 year old collie had died on the 6th of November and Albert’s given birthday was the 13th November; an odd feeling.

In the first week or so, he did dig holes to try and escape, desperately trying to get back to his rescuer, Diona and his dog buddies he had lived with in Romania. This made us upset and very sad for this wee baby who just wanted to find his way home, but it made us even more determined to let him know that he was safe, loved and that we would listen and give him what he needed to thrive and be happy. We have stuck to that and together we have helped him navigate his new home and world. He has had a couple of bumps along the way, but it has been a privilege to help him realise he has nothing to worry about.

We love Albert’s strong natural instincts, he is so ‘dog’ which is excactly how it should be and we are so grateful for his loyalty and trust in us.
He has and will continue to overcome any bumps in the road as we will always advocate, guide and lead the way for him. Our truly unique, trusting, amazing brave boy.

Paws2Rescue is a constant and strong force and advocate for animals and this helps and reminds me to be strong and advocate for them also.

Jacks, Shug, Cara, Daniel and Albert

Albert before adoption