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Hello, my name is

Daisy (was Freya) & Anya

And I found my forever home through Paws2Rescue!
Adopted March 2020 & August 2023
at age 5 years & 3.5 years

When my hubby and I moved into our house in November 2019, one of the main reasons for moving was so that we were able to adopt a dog. We said we would give it 6 months to settle in and well, we only lasted 1 month before we started looking.
We had no prior knowledge about the horrors and abuse that some Romanian street dogs have been through. We found Daisy when searching for dogs who were up for adoption and she was already in the UK at the loving home of her fosterer. After we were house-checked, we got to meet her. She was described as a ‘love bucket’ and that sums her up perfectly. We were smitten as soon as we met her and I’ll never forget sitting on the kitchen floor in her fosterer’s house trying to get Daisy’s attention and build trust with her. Since we’ve had her, she’s been my little shadow, has endless kisses, bounds around like a puppy (despite being around 10) and will get unbelievably excited for carrot. Despite going through the horrors of being abandoned, being a street dog and then confined to the horrible conditions of a public shelter, we might have helped rescue her but really she was our rescuer and is our absolute world.
With Daisy’s calm, caring, motherly temperament and ability to win over any human she meets, family members started to think about adopting, so of course we recommended Paws2Rescue. This is when we came across little baked bean browed Anya on the Dogs Available for Adoption Facebook page. I immediately tagged my husband after reading that she is always ‘front of the queue for cuddles when humans are around”. I knew she would be perfect for us and as a little sister for Daisy.
As we were existing adopters, the team were thorough at assessing whether Daisy and Anya would be right for each other in terms of temperament, size, both being female and age gap. Once we got the approval, we just had to wait for the Happy Van to bring her home! It was during this wait that we found out about the horrendous public shelter that she was broken out of, and we are still in awe at her resilience. After just a month of having Anya, she has settled in so quicky both at home and with her big sister Daisy. Despite the age gap, Anya has brought out a playful puppy side of Daisy who also keeps an eye out for Anya too – a true pack. It makes me emotional every time I see Anya with the first gift I got her – a soft toy which is a firm favourite which she plays with every day. It’s so heartwarming seeing Anya and Daisy play together too; something that Daisy never did until Anya came along. We are so grateful to Paws2Rescue and the team for the work they do and for the family that we now have.

Nisha and Lawrence

Daisy (was Freya) & Anya before adoption