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Hello, my name is


And I found my forever home through Paws2Rescue!
Adopted December 2020
at age 1 year

After our previous dog passed away, we were looking for another one and came across the Paws2Rescue website.

When we were looking on you the website, we saw Dudley and thought he was so handsome and if possible he’s the one for us.

When Dudley, arrived we had our own crate ready, but that was a waste of time as he has never been in it. He spent about 15 minutes in the crate he was brought to us in then ran out straight to my wife to be made a fuss of. It must have taken him about 5 minutes more to make himself at home.

Dudley is a complete nutter. He loves everybody and everything. He isn’t scared of anything. He loves watching fireworks and visiting relatives. He goes straight into their houses, jumps on the sofa and goes to sleep. He loves going in the car and for walks and still also likes going to our local Co Op where he walks backwards and forwards to open and shut the automatic doors. It’s a good job the staff think it’s funny!

He keeps us on our toes, gets us going out and we love him.

Dudley before adoption