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Hello, my name is


And I found my forever home through Paws2Rescue!
Adopted January 2022
at age 11 years

I have been a home checker for Paws2Rescue for 3 years now. In July 2021 we lost one of our dogs Alfie and then my husband Andrew in August found out he had terminal cancer and died 7 weeks later.

I adopted Dylan in January 2022, after seeing his plea in videos and photos on the website over Christmas. Blind, abused and a senior, in a kill shelter for years; I think he needed me as much as I needed him. So I decided he was the one for us. He was in foster in Norfolk and had a long journey up to Edinburgh with a lovely dog called Mushroom. My youngest daughter and I drove the 2 hours from our home to pick him up.

He came into the car desperately trying to sit on our knees and howled off and on. When we arrived home, he made himself at home, like he had been with us forever. He met the other three dogs, the four cats and the rabbits (he’s a hunting dog so was very interested but now he totally ignores them).

He sleeps under the blankets in my bed, loves to snooze and eat and is very affectionate. He runs up and down stairs, jumps on furniture and manoeuvres round the garden. You would think he could see although, he does bash into things, especially trees on his walks. He’s never off the lead unless in the garden as he would just run and run! We love him and he loves us; he is a joy, kind, gentle and a trusting boy. He makes us smile and think we make him smile too. Thats Dylan. He was meant to be with us.

Paws is a great rescue caring and dedicated.


Dylan before adoption