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Hello, my name is

Penny (was Brownie)

And I found my forever home through Paws2Rescue!
Adopted February 2023
at age 1 year

I have followed Paws2Rescue on Facebook for many years and sporadically asked my husband if we can adopt one of the dogs. In the past he has always said no. When I asked in December 2022, after seeing a post about gorgeous senior Adele, he said yes, and we searched for the dogs that were marked as cat friendly. We came across Penny and her sister who were not only cat friendly but also lived with chickens, which we also rescue, so it felt like fate. 
Seeing the video of Brownie sitting calmly with a cat (who looked just like our rescue kitten Morag), while the cat played with her wagging tail, we knew she would fit in perfectly.
We drove to Edinburgh to collect her, as one of the volunteers had kindly collected her along with another lucky dog from the holding kennels for us. We were nervous and worried she was going to be scared of us. When we entered the house she was playing with the volunteer’s animals. She was so calm and came straight to greet us with a welcoming lick. It was a 3 hour drive home and she was so content. We had decided the sitting room would be her safe space, set up a crate as a den so she would have somewhere to hide but she wanted to sit on the couch beside us. 

I have a lot of admiration for the work carried out by Paws2Rescue and the compassion they show to animals in Romania as well as the people. I really like that part of the cost of the adoption fee helps to have another dog in Romania neutered. 

It is hard to pick only one favourite thing about Penny. The joy on her face when she is having garden zoomies. How excited she gets to see B&M carpark as she knows it’s the start of one of her favourite walks along the canal. When she tries to sneak an egg from the chicken’s nest box, in which she does succeed occasionally. How she knows the difference between work trousers and trousers that mean we are going for a walk. When Penny gets off lead on walks she bounces around like Tigger from Winnie the pooh. My neighbour’s dogs don’t seem to do it, so I think its quite unique to her. Most of all I love the excited welcome you get from Penny, whether she has just woken up or you have returned from somewhere. 

According to my iPhone my step count has drastically changed since Penny’s arrival. Hopefully that means we are getting fitter thanks to her. We explore the local area a lot more and find new walks to do. We also socialise more frequently with our neighbours for dog play dates. Penny comes to work some days; a lunchtime walk helps beat the afternoon slump. If anyone is having a bad day, they come to see Penny, to de-stress.

Lisa & Garry

Penny (was Brownie) before adoption