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Hello, my name is

Princy (was Puffi)

And I found my forever home through Paws2Rescue!
Adopted July 2017
at age 6 years

In 2017, I was suffering from empty nest syndrome, both my children had left the happy home, and suddenly it was just my husband and I in a 3-bedroom middle terrace house and no offence to the poor chap, but it wasn’t enough.
A few yards away my mother who had just turned 80 was also suffering from loneliness and needed a purpose so we decided to look for a dog. She would look after it by day whilst I worked and I would do the walks, transport to vets and groomers etc. It would be OUR dog. OUR joint project.  Something to make memories together.
We wanted it to be a rescue dog and we wanted it to be a dog that didn’t shed hair in case my son returned home, as he has bad asthma and an allergy to fur.
My chiropodist told me about Paws2Rescue and even though nothing obvious came up we took the plunge and filled out the adoption form.  With a home check under our belt, we were given the thumbs up. We could adopt a dog! It isn’t easy being patient when you have decided to have a dog. My daughter sent me a video from another website of this tri-paw walking on a lead, playing with other rescue puppies, and having a thoroughly good time. Her message with the video was ‘wouldn’t it be hysterical watching you and grandma walk a three-legged dog, especially one called Puffi’. A few weeks after this, Paws2Rescue contacted us. They had found a dog, he was a poodle cross, he was white, a bit older than we were looking for and had three legs.
Yep you guessed it the very same dog, he was destined to be ours!
It was a strange time waiting for the happy van to travel from Romania to England. So many questions not least of all “what have we done”.  A mixture of excitement and nervousness. We changed his name to Princy which is of Indian origin and my late Father was Indian so it made.
We appreciated the fact that when he arrived, he had been neutered, had all his vaccinations, was micro-chipped and we were given assurance that if there were any problems then someone would be available to talk to us. We also got an information sheet recommending things we should and shouldn’t do for the first few days.  We didn’t feel we were alone and felt supported.

Fortunately, we didn’t have any problems but since that day we have followed the Facebook page and any issues people have endured with their new arrivals have been addressed very quickly either via support of other rescue dog owners or specialist/trainers who are available to help. It is my favourite Facebook group.
We wanted a dog to fill an empty hole and to have a purpose. We wanted a rescue dog to make a difference to his life. Actually, he made a difference to ours. We receive daily unconditional love from our beautiful boy who takes nothing we do for granted and makes us laugh continuously.
Thank you Paws2Rescue for rescuing him and for rescuing us.

Sandy and Joy

Princy (was Puffi) before adoption