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Hello, my name is

Trevor (was Rusty)

And I found my forever home through Paws2Rescue!
Adopted February 2018
at age 7 years

‘Lord Trevor The Wonderdog’, formerly Rusty. 

We’d obsess over the dogs available on the Paws2Rescue Facebook page. Trevor (formerly Rusty) and now officially ‘Lord Trevor The Wonderdog’ sounded like a friendly middle-aged chap, a bit like ourselves, so was a dog we wanted to meet. As he was being fostered in the UK, we were able to do exactly that. 

When we went to meet him, we saw how well he got on with other dogs and took him for a walk. The clincher was when we got back to the house, he jumped on the sofa and rolled on his back for a tummy scratch.  He knew how to work us! There was no going back. 

Everyone on the Paws2Rescue team is a volunteer, yet so dedicated. I love that it’s not ‘just shipping dogs over’, but it’s matching dogs with owners, forming a community and providing help and advice. In addition, Paws2Rescue work on the ground in Romania and with the EU on improving lives for the dogs via neutering programmes, feeding projects and legislation campaigns.

Lord Trevor is of course the best, but who wouldn’t say that about their pooch?  He has the sweetest temperament and has become a local celebrity thanks largely to his ‘Daily Adventures of Lord Trevor The Wonderdog’ over lockdown. We even went away and a woman recognised us and showed us hundreds of Trevor’s daily adventures she’d photographed on her phone! 

Don’t tell Trevor we said this, as he’ll get ideas above his station, but he’s the absolute light of our lives. I know my husband would pick him over me, but I’d forgive him. There’s nothing like a dog to remind you what matters in life.  He’s a daily reminder we all need to live in the moment and ‘be more dog’.

Helen and Maarten

Trevor (was Rusty) before adoption