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Hello, my name is


And I found my forever home through Paws2Rescue!
Adopted March 2022

I had been looking to adopt a young dog for a while, with no luck in local shelters. I did some research, found Paws2Rescue and then found Zen on their website!

There were a few dogs that caught my eye, including Zen’s brother Zack, but there was one photo of Zen’s cheeky little face that sold it for me.

I live in Scotland, so I had a bit of a road trip with my dad to collect him. I’ll always remember a timid (slightly smelly from his long journey) little pup being carried out with the biggest ears I’ve ever seen. Within 10 minutes in the car, he was sound asleep with his head on my hand.

The Paws2Rescue community are amazing, not only before you adopt, but afterwards is what I love the most about the charity. I love seeing updates on all of the dogs too.

The thing that makes Zen unique physically, is that he looks like a little gremlin with massive ears but his cheeky, clever and affectionate personality is my favourite thing. He loves to learn new things and once he knows someone, he loves them.

As well as his company, I love his padding about the house behind me, getting me out more, going on big walks and seeing him experience new things.


Zen before adoption