Paws2Rescue | UK Registered Charity No. 1156882

Voice of the voiceless

We are beaten, abused, kicked or axed. A country where neutering is seen as mutilation, yet it is ok to cut our tails off. With hundreds of thousands of us strays, we are captured, dragged to awful public shelters and after 14 days our lives end, in pain and often brutally.

Welcome to Romania, only not if you are a dog.

Paws2Rescue save thousands of dogs like me, and we stay in lovely private shelters run by rescuers. We have good food and love, although we live in cages, they are large, we have friends.

Paws2Rescue neuter in cities, towns, villages and streets, working so hard to stop unwanted strays being born. They work in primary schools across 7 counties, their Animal Care lesson, teaching the younger generations to try to love us all.

They work with local governments to improve conditions, send food, help with vet bills. Their team come to see us every month and sometimes a few of my friends get lovely homes in the UK.

If statistics stating “1 dog is responsible for producing 67,000 dogs in 9 years” then Paws2Rescue have stopped over 88 million stray pups and kittens from born – by neutering this year. Paws2Rescue are working in their sixth year and I beg you to support their hard working, small team of volunteers and donate or raise awareness – so that they can neuter in 2019 and beyond.

I was lucky, they saved me from a living hell and I live in a good shelter now with my new friends, but hundreds and thousands of strays are not so lucky – they live lonely and hungry life of despair in the streets.

If you can only support one charity, it’s Paws2Rescue every time for me. They really are “the voice of the voiceless.”


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