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2019 Summary

We would like to thank you all for your amazing support and help in our work in Romania in 2019.

With over 1,000 dogs rescued during the year by our team and rescuers in Romania, over 1,000 cats and dogs neutered and our new web based education programme almost ready for launch after successful trials, it has been a hugely busy year.

We have completed many individual projects to help dogs, taken legal actions, and worked alongside local governments. Our team, adopters and a successful summer student programme meant that we were in Romania every month on the ground, helping the dogs and supporting our local rescuers.

Our 20 plus person trip with adopters and rescuers to Romania in September resulted in raising awareness locally of adopting stray dogs, and having a strong UK presence at the world animal rights march in Bucharest. We also saved 26 dogs from the public shelter and then another 13, two weeks later when we went back. It had a huge impact on raising awareness in the UK as the adopters wrote to local papers and raised awareness of their experience locally too.

Our Easter and Christmas Shoebox Appeal for children were extremely successful thanks to all of you and your generous donations, because our work in the community with the future generations is key for the animals too.

We have been honoured to work with The Link group, as their immense and detailed 10 year work on the link between animal abuse and child abuse has led to phenomenal proportions which has led to a UN statement being released, adding pressure to the Romanian government to switch its euthanisa policy to a neuter policy.

Our 5 series TV programme on national Together TV which we made with our patron Wendy Turner Webster was a huge success. With thousands more people across the UK now knowing about the plight of the dogs in Romania.

Paws2Rescue team and rescuers in Romania has been a phenomenal strength in local areas, our growing network of foster homes and rescuers enabling us to make a huge impact on local animal welfare issues. We are proud to have an amazing and hard working team and rescuers in Romania, and together we have been achieving the impossible.

Our team in the UK has grown this year, to a total of 27, as we have focused our team and roles in detail. With a project team split now to include an education team, and a separate adoptions team, we are going into 2020 with greater strength.

Of course our final mention and thanks in 2019 is to all of you. To every single person who has liked, shared, donated, commented, cared and supported us. To those who have fostered and adopted and become part of our Paws family. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, because without every one of you, we would not be able to help so many of the dogs who are in such desperate need, and would be living a life of hell without you all.

We wish you a very Happy New Year, and we look forward to even greater achievements in 2020.