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Next week the Government of Romania will be asked to revoke Law 258, the ‘Slaughter Law’ which has resulted in hundreds of thousands of homeless animals to be slaughtered. Horrific though this may have been what was never considered was the impact which witnessing this violence and abuse had on the children. Now we know and now we can evidence this. FNPA, Paws2Rescue and the European Link Coalition will support a major legal challenge.. a powerful legal team, independently funded, advised by Professors of Law challenge the Romanian Government for non-enaction of the ‘legally binding’ Council of Europe Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals.

It will also challenge based on the Rights of the Child, affected by exposure to violence and abuse unavoidable in public places. 86% of the children had witnessed this. It will challenge on this affront to Human Dignity which is enshrined in the Fundamental Rights of the European Union. A child unable to avoid the emotionally disturbing experience of witnessing constant public animal abuse is having these rights denied.

To support these actions a Romanian city, now identified, will have a number of dynamics, all to exemplify how by applying humane values, animals and children can be safeguarded to the benefit of the society. A mass Spay and Neuter program is being planned. Police animal abuse first responders will be trained to look for associated issues, typically violence, abuse and criminal activity.

The ‘Romanian Issue’ is no longer ONLY about animals, which has received disinterest from national and European authorities… the issue now is also about the children, about the impact on society. About European Union values.

This will be taken to the Court of Appeal in Cluj and then to the Supreme Court of Romania and potentially to the European Court of Human Rights.