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Happy Stitches

Our neutering campaigns continue into 2018…

by Paws2Rescue January 2018

In Partnership

The project began in October 2017, as a partnership between: Paws2Rescue, CVD Farmamed (Dr. Diana Voicu, veterinarian) and Banca DVS (community organizer).

Main Objective

Reduce the number of abandoned dogs and cats in one of the key peripheral communes near Bucharest, by spaying and neutering dogs and cats with owners/caretakers that have limited or no financial capacity to otherwise pay for a spay/neuter surgery.

Project Goals

  • Reduce abandonment
  • Reduce accidental litters
  • Reduce animal cruelty
  • Reduce number of strays injured/killed in RTAs and cruelty incidents.
  • Reduce viral disease epidemics
  • Promote animal welfare
  • Promote responsible ownership: vaccination, microchipping and registration (compliance with legislation)

Schedule 2017 – Completed

Phase one – 20 spays (COMPLETE – October 2017)

11 cats

9 dogs

  • Two pregnant females
  • One retained testicle male
  • One RTA dog
  • All rescued dogs

Phase two – 50 spays (COMPLETE – November 2017)

During December 2017, our partner vet was able to give food to those less well-off dog owners thanks to your kind donations from the UK:

Schedule 2018

The average cost of one neuter is EU25, which is c £22. (Obviously females cost more than males (EU30 against EU20)). Our campaign took a break in December 2017 and early January 2018 due to the cold weather and to funding resources.

We are keen to resume our campaign in early 2018. Research shows that just one female will lead to 67,000 pups being born in her lifetime. Spaying just one female at £22 is preventing this many unwanted pups being born in Romania – being born into an unwanted and life full of terror and pain.

Please support our Happy Stitches campaign so that we can neuter through the whole of 2018.

You can donate here at