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Is corruption still rife? Romania 2018


by Paws2Rescue on 14th January 2018

“The Scourge of Scamville”? Valcea, Romania 2018.

In 2014, the county of Valcea earned this title in the Daily Mail when it became the cyber-crime capital of the WORLD. This proudly followed quite a feat in 2013 when the Mayor was imprisoned for bribery, asking money in return for decisions.

He was replaced by the current Mayor, who has already had two prison sentences for corruption.

With the announcement that the dogs in Valcea public shelter will be killed starting from tomorrow, it makes us wonder why.

This public shelter has been supported for two years by a registered Finnish NGO Kirputtajat Ry, along with a local NGO. The dogs at this public shelter have food, pallets, kennels, bowls, medical treatment and are all neutered.

In October, just a few months ago, we were inside this public shelter, and spent a huge amount of time inside the cages too. We supported the Kirputtajat Ry neuter programme, and the physical shelter conditions were, and are, better than some of the private shelters we saw during that trip.

With the past reputation of Valcea, which used to be an industrial county, we have to wonder – is this about corruption and money?

Around £50 to capture each dog is a huge amount locally, where the average wage is under EU200 a month. Some of the dogs had two tags when we saw them, so money collected twice. Kill the dogs, empty the shelter, hunt for more dogs, whether they are owned or strays, and the money pours in. Is this a policy that Europe are proud of?

There are many good vets in Romania, and a thank you to the current vet, and all those in Valcea who refused to go and work at the shelter – because they realised that euthanasia is not necessary. Shame on the vet from outside the county that has agreed to come and do the dirty work and become the new Killer of Valcea.

The law in Romania does allow euthanasia when the dog shelter is full, but with Valcea’s past reputation, how can anyone check how the dogs will be euthanised? This shelter is NOT full, there ARE adoptions, and donators in the EU are helping by funding the running of this shelter. Whilst many public shelters in Romania are killing fields, this shelter has no reason to become one and as the world is once again DISGUSTED with Valcea, we ask “what can anyone do to help?”:

Do petitions ever work? We can only try, and this one is set up by the local NGO who are in the public shelter:

You can send an email to the Mayor Mircia Gutau, but probably best to be nice and not mention his prison sentences for corruption: [email protected]. You can comment on his Facebook page – only he has been deleting comments after they are written.

The new killer “vet”? His name is Gheorghe Ciornei. Pray for his soul, as he is about to stain the land of Valcea with the blood of their dogs.

We can help take dogs out, but that will not save the 500, nor the next 500 dogs. Please do not send money because the only solution for these dogs is for them not euthanise.

If the euthanasia starts, as planned, the global reputation of Valcea county as “The Scourge of Scamville” in our minds will simply become “Dog murderers of Europe”.

We will help as many dogs as we can, but in the meantime we pray for our rescuers and dog lovers in Romania, and for the dogs – they didn’t ask to be born there.