Join us in celebrating 10 years of Paws2Rescue with a £10 donation
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Event dates: Saturday 2nd April – Monday 22nd August

Life is busy and hectic at the best of times and we understand not everyone has the time, with the best of intentions, to complete a fundraising event for us. We also want to remain inclusive of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. So this year we have made sure everyone can still take part and show their support in one of three different ways. The choice is yours.

Support us in your own way.

  1. You can take on our #mission22 challenge and complete a personal challenge in 22 days, raising funds from sponsorship. Email [email protected] for more details.
  2. You can click the donate button here, quick and simple. Every penny counts and will make a difference.
  3. Email [email protected] to purchase a #mission22 t-shirt £10 each.

All proceeds will go towards helping us reach our target of £22,000 in this unique social project, hopefully the first of many, as we neuter, educate and support in Romania.

What is our mission?

Working in collaboration with NGO Phoenix- Animal Protection and Human Care and University Spiru Haret Bucharest in an educational neuter campaign and social project in communities across rural Romania.

Targeting areas where there is no medical veterinary assistance, with extremely impoverished populations, we will be using the mobile clinics and the experience of the local NGO with 27 years’ experience in our goal to carry out neutering, treatments and de-worming.

Vets very often leave vet school qualified but having had no practical experience at all. Working in partnership with this leading vet university, their vet scholars will join our campaign throughout 2022 and gain not only desperately needed hands-on medical education, but also the true insight of how the animals live in these remote areas where there is no veterinary service at all.

Within the communities, our team will be teaching locals about basic animal care, providing wooden kennels or food bowls, food, collars and improving living standards of the animals.

Of course, when people are so desperately poor they struggle to feed their own families a hot meal, it is hard to provide a bag of food for their dogs or cats, without also helping the community a little. We will also be providing basic food and ingredients to those families in need.

Please help us to make a difference, be kind, be bold, be the solution. Thank you in advance for your generosity and kindness.