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Neuter Clinic update – Nov 2020

Our first neuter clinic in Romania has opened! Working in association with SC Spay Vet SRL, finally, after six months of preparation and hard work from the team in Romania, our clinic has opened!

The team is already working hard as locals are bringing their cats and dogs in to be neutered, and the vet is giving advice on ticks, and helping with a number of other health issues, as the animals are being brought in.

A huge thank you to every person who donated and had faith in us that this clinic would open, and within the timescales too. From a disused vacant building, here is our first legacy in this area of the west of Romania and we are so excited at the opportunity too, of reducing the stray dog population in this commune.

Here are the first days in pictures. Please continue to support us, as we are funding the neuter costs, which average £20 per animal, and help us to prevent puppies and kittens from being born unwanted.