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Neuter & the community

We have 4 current neuter campaigns running in Romania, and about to start our fifth too!

Our newest neuter campaign in Turnu Magurele started in 2020. A town with such a desperate problem with stray cats, we wanted to help them. Working amongst the community, we have been sharing the Animal Care message, and it has been wonderful to have the children taking part in the neuter programme. Bringing stray cats to the clinic to be spayed, isn’t just helping the stray animal problems, it is part of educating the future generations in animal education and the importance of reducing the number of strays. In the first two months, with over 100 cats now spayed, we couldn’t be happier with this campaign, which we will continue for as long as we receive donations.

Each neuter is £20, and each neuter saves many unwanted kittens being born. It is the solution and is a key part of our work.

Thank you for your support.