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Nov 2020 – Paws2Rescue Vet Scholarship programme

In 2017, we started our Paws2Rescue vet scholarship programme. Each year we are accepting new scholars into our programme, those who are looking to study at vet school or college in Romania, and who will continue to help animals after qualification – either in work in the community in rural Romania, or with Paws2Rescue and helping stray dogs and cats. For those who would like to apply, please email Paws2Rescue for an application form.

You can read how just 4 of our current vet scholars are getting on, and how they are involved in research, neutering, education alongside their studies:

Magda Radu – a qualified lawyer, 15 years of animal rescue experience, takes care of her own hundreds of dogs, and is involved in continual spay campaigns.

4th year vet student, Magda is also helping to set up the Rural Medicine, Education and Prevention Program. Studying towards oncological and clinician veterinary, she is also an amazing educator and organiser. Magda is a phenomenal and respected friend, hard working and a true pillar of strength in her community.

Magda is student representative for the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

Dr Mada Lixandru – graduated from a doctoral degree with the University of Bucharest with a PhD in Political Science, specializing in Good Governance in Disaster Risk Reduction Policies (sustainable development, community development and organizing, building resilience, etc.)  Mada is in her 4th year of vet college, having gained straight A’s in her 3rd year and has also been accepted to a press traineeship at University of Vienna. 

Mada has an article published in the Romanian Journal of Veterinary Medicine & Pharmacology (unusual for 3rd year students) – Myocarditis in Canine Parvovirus Infections. She has also been elected as student representative to the University Senate in Romania.

Lazarina Lazaru – Laza cares for her own small shelter of animals and works at spay campaigns all year round. In her 4th year at Vet college, Laza is going to be one of the best surgeons in the world. Her skills are truly unique. Laza has been participating in an EU funded multinational project as a researcher and spent time in 2019 in Columbia.

Luminta Streinu – Luminita is another amazing and rare vet student currently in her 4th year at vet college. She is well-grounded and works tirelessly and insanely hard. She has rescued hundreds of dogs and takes care of close to the same number right now. Luminita is dedicated and working towards being a vet family doctor and community organiser, she has a ferocious tenacity and a kind and committed heart.