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Our work in Peru – July & August 2023

Whilst Paws2Rescue predominantly helps animals in Romania, it does not mean that we ignore animals in other countries. Every year, for the past 6 years, we have also carried out at least one international project.

We have helped animals in Philippines, South Korea, Egypt, Ukraine, Moldova, Columbia ad Peru. Our very good friend Yoshi, who lives in the UK and helps our Paws2Rescue team, comes from Peru and has very close family and connections there. Several times a year, she will go to help the animals, mainly dogs, in the El Augustino area and surrounding shanty towns. 

With a neuter in Peru costing less than £10, we are keen to help prevent the growth of the stray populations – in areas where many people can barely afford to feed themselves. Whilst the country is mainly animal loving, the poverty means that the people have no chance of vet care for their animals – and the strays, little chance of being neutered.

We have had a relationship with the teams in Peru for a few years now, and we are proudly supported by the local government and the police there too. During floods earlier in the year, the police helped our team to save lives, and to carry desperately needed dog food for us too.

Our work in Romania, our established programmes, are being replicated in Peru, and with such hugely grateful reception in these animal loving communities. Here is just some of the work that was carried out during this trip.

We hope that these will show you just how desperately needed our help is here, and just how awfully impoverished the communities are too. Together we are making a huge difference!

Talks in the community on the importance of sterilisation

A poster for a Paws2Rescue community talk on sterilisation in Peru

Neuter campaigns

360 animals neutered!

A photo of 3 neutered cats