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Our work in Ukraine 2024

Our work in Ukraine has continued into another year, and in April, our vets joined Worldwide Vets and travelled by train into Ukraine.

Their bags full of medicines for the animals, donated by our amazing supporters, they stay for 2 weeks at a time.

Literally hundreds of animals are being neutered, mainly cats and dogs – whether owned or stray, and treatments provided for a whole range of other animals too.

Constantly working under the sound of air raid sirens, which were continual most days, the teams worked mornings into the late evenings, to help the animals.

With more of our vets preparing to travel to Ukraine in May, our commitment to help the animals in this country continues.

Paws2Rescue are also continuing to support two dog shelters in Ukraine, one in the East and one in the South. As we can no longer physically access these areas ourselves, we are donating dog food and helping to cover vet bills where we can.

Worldwide Vets in Ukraine
Medicines donated to the animals of Ukraine, thank you for your donations.
Dr Razvan, our vet, proudly supporting the animals in Ukraine.