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Patitas a Rescatar Peru!

February – March 2018 our team are going back to South America.

by Paws2Rescue

Following our neutering project in 2017, we are excited to announce that our team are once again heading off to Peru in South America, in February to carry out animal welfare programmes in the cities, villages and shanty towns, returning to the UK in March. A busy programme has been planned for Kerry, Yoshi and the team, and the trip will start in Lima and El Agustinu. Our street clinic will provide vaccination and treatment for the locals owned and stray dogs. The team are honoured to be meeting with the Mayor and local council.

As February is the start of summer, and temperatures are start in the mid to late 20’s C the ticks are out in force: we will be carrying out pre-promoted campaigns for tick and de-worming for hundreds of dogs. Of course, key to the control of the stray animal population is neutering, and our aim is neuter 200 dogs whilst our team are there in our neuter programme.

Our team will head to the Andes and to Ayacucho and Huamanga and continue the campaign there, including leaflet distributions on animal care and treatments.

Travelling to Cieneguilla and visiting the local dog shelter and orphanage will no doubt be an emotional part of the team’s trip too, but working with the children and stray dogs is key to our education programme in helping future generations to care for animals.

With suitcase allowances of only 64kg each, the difficulties of taking medicine into Peru, and the comparative cost to purchase cheaper locally, our wish list will be light and specifically focused.

The cost of neutering one dog is around £8, a total of £1,600 for 200 dogs. We will be following up our 2017 Peru education work and will buy locally a projector and chip, which is vital to ongoing education and will be used to show videos across schools and the communities. Already working with the local governments, local police and amazing local friends, our commitment is to continue to be education on animal care and control.

The total costs of our trip, including the £1,600 for the neuter campaign, the projector and de-worming tablets, leaflet distribution on a scale of thousands, and our street clinic, we are aiming to raise £2,000 for team Peru. Thank you for your support of our work as Paws2Rescue continue to help animals in need across the world.

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