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Paws2Rescue 10th Christmas Shoebox Appeal December 2022 Update

We spent 9 days in Romania and Moldova before Christmas, flying home on Christmas Eve to be home just in time for the big day with our own families.

In another heart wrenching trip, we spent time with literally hundreds of low income families and children in both countries. With one local school so proudly singing their Christmas carols for us, which brought happy tears to our eyes.

Every single child’s eyes literally sparkled with happiness – even the smallest gesture, bringing joy into their lives. We handed out over 750 shoeboxes in Jilava, Prahova, Bucharest and Moldova – every shoebox donated with such love from each of you.

The warm jumpers, coats, hats, scarves and shoes were so desperately needed, in areas where some children only had a pair of sliders which were worn in summer and winter.

In such desperately low temperatures, we saw homes heated with electric bricks, and wood burners. The homes who had no wood to burn, were trying to heat their homes with burning weeds and grass – and we bought tons of firewood for so many homes too.

Thanks to two generous donations from companies in the UK, we were able to go food shopping, buying basics to feed 300 families – the parents of course, simply overjoyed to have Christmas food for their families.

We visited private institutions for children with severe disabilities, shocked that there were no government run facilities for these people. It was more than heart breaking, once again, to see so many children living way below the breadline with little or no income at all.

The children in the cancer ward at Marie Spitul Hospital in Bucharest were so grateful just knowing that people from another country cared about them – the most beautiful and brave children.

Here are just a few of our photos from our winter trip – we were the lucky ones, we got to see the smiles. You are the amazing ones, because each of you took the time to make a donation.

You made their Christmas special, and both we and they are eternally grateful for the light you brought into their lives once again.