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Paws2Rescue and SC Spay Vet SRL Project 2020 Update

We are working with Denisa Munteanu and Dragos-Adrian Bacila from Faculty of Veterinary Medicine to open and oprate a new neuter vet clinic.

In an area north of Timisoara, a town called Ortisoara, where the whole area is so desperate for neutering, a building has been rented, and thanks to donations from our supporters, the clinic is starting to take shape!

Whilst we still need donations to buy such desperately needed equipment, just look how far we have come in the last month:

Initial costs of setting up the neuter company and initial first month rent of the premises has been raised.

Working with the local authorities, the DSV, they have given their requirements for the premises to be authorised as a neuter surgery ahich are:

Floor tiles: The total cost of this is £600: we have raised this.

Mandatory to have 5 rooms:

Waiting room, consultation room, operating room, WC, storage room: This can be made from false walls and the money for this has been raised.

Medical items requirements: total cost £1,569

  • Autoclave/ sterilizer
  • Bacterial lamp for disinfection
  • Wood lamp for dermatology
  • Microcscope
  • Scales
  • Operating table

Adequate furniture: desk, chairs. We have no cost for this, but we can source second hand white furniture if needed.

The name of the clinic will be: SC Vet Spay SRL

Here are the medical items which we need to purchase for this project:

Floor tiles £600: now funded
Medical Equipment £1,569: raised £380
Rent £280 x 12 = £3,080: part funded
Company set up: funded
Internal walls: funded
One month rent £280: funded
Chairs/ basic furniture estimate: £400
Signage and leaflets etc: £200
Electric and water annual costs: Estimated £100 per month, £1,200 in year 1
Total above: £7,049

Vet assistant £1,200
Additional items: Max estimate £1,000
Small medical items: scissors. Knife, needles, gloves
Medicine: rabies vaccines
Microchips, Health Books
Neuter medical needs: anaesthetic, stitches, antibiotics, pain killers, sterile swabs, injections to stop bleeding
One year total £9,249
Plus 100 neuters female @ £22 = £2,200
Total = £11,449

Neuter cost will be EU25 female and EU22 male. Cat or dog.
Paws2rescue will fund the initial campaign.
Other charities can fund a neuter campaign, and label this, and raise for this as their own too.
Weekend campaigns. Month campaigns. Cat campaigns. 25 dog or cat campaigns.