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Paws2Rescue Global Sleep Out, Saturday 18th March 2023

Put the date on your diary and share far and wide! Join our Global Sleep Out!

Our superhero, Ashley Owens, age 13, has been sleeping in a tent since March 2021 to raise funds for Paws2Rescue, specifically for the animal Sanctuary that we are building, with a target of £30,000. Ashley’s two year anniversary is coming up, and we’d love to celebrate this by getting as many people around the world, sleeping out for a night as we can.  

Please join the Paws2Rescue team in sleeping out in the garden on the night of Saturday 18th March with your dog (or best friend) for our Global Sleep Out. We’re busy borrowing tents and sleeping bags already!

Ashley’s Sleep Out to Help Out dedication to supporting rescue dogs and welfare is inspirational to us all – he is doing this for the stray dogs all over the world who have no choice, but to sleep under the stars – every single night. 

Go add the date to your diary and go on the hunt for a tent!

Send in your photos and videos to our main facbeook page, or email us at [email protected] so we can share them!

Don’t forget to share your event on your own Facebook page, Instagram or re Tweet, and encourage your friends and family to join in too, and of course the all important JustGiving link, so that we can boost Ashley’s target on the night by another £5,000!